M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.Sc. Witold Szczuciński


E-mail: witek@amu.edu.pl
Phone: 0048-61-829 6025

professor UAM

Head of gamma spectroscopy lab

Research Gate

ORCID 0000-0003-2466-2263

Geohazards fb


Speciality: sedimentology, geochemistry, geohazards, marine geology, polar research

Major scientific interests:

  • Contemporary sedimentation processes, particularly in glacial, coastal, deltaic and shelf environments
  • Sedimentary record and impacts of natural disasters (tsunami, meteorite impacts, floods, storms, glacier surges, landslides) and environmental changes
  • Sediment accumulation rates and techniques of its measuring (radioisotopes: 210Pb, 137Cs)
  • Erosion, transport and accumulation rates of sediments and organic carbon
  • Applications of ancient DNA in geological studies
  • Glaciers, permafrost and ice caves
  • Environmental geology

Peer-reviewed papers